Appeal against negative immigration decision

Finland residence permit rejection can be appealed for changes in the Administrative court. Appealing against negative decision from Migri is always advisable to find out with a specialist, whether it would be reasonable to appeal or to make a new application having corrected the mistakes that caused a negative decision.

Common reasons

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Immigration office fault
The Immigration Service has not taken into account important details or documents provided during the application processing. This led to negative decision on Finnish Residence Permit .
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New information
There have appeared new facts during application processing to the Finland Immigration Service. Migri forgot to take into account during final decision making.
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Documents were lost
In case when provided important documents or explanations have, for some reasons, not reached the Immigration Service or other authority in the process.

Where to start


Professional evaluation of immigration negative decision requires a consultation with immigration legal advisor. Our specialist will carefully study all submitted document to EnterFinald website, official reason, possible faults and based on that will give you a forecast for receiving a positive immigration decision, necessary documents to submit and and many other useful recommendations.


We provide appeal services on negative decision for Residence Permit in Finland. Price of accompanying appeal service varies from 500€ to 1000€ depending on the case complexity in particular.
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Do you want appeal residence permit rejection received in Finland?

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