Immigration to Finland

Finland is considered as the best country for immigration in 2021. There are many immigration options available for foreigners, such as business, employment, studies and family ties.

How immigrate to Finland

You can get a residence permit by starting or buying a business in Finland. You will need to make a business plan that shows the profitability of the company and the ability to pay the your salary if you start your own business. Moreover, you should have partners or potential customers in Finland.

In case you don't have any partners or customers in Finland there is an option of buying a ready-made company in Finland. We can help you with business acquisition process and applying for residence permit on that basis.
You can get a Finnish residence permit by signing an employment contract with employer in Finland. A work permit issued by the Finnish authorities usually allows you to work only in the specific field indicated in the document. Please note that we can not find you an employer, we can only assist with immigration procedure and give advice on finding employer.

A job must be found even before applying for a residence permit. In addition, specialists from third countries cannot get a residence permit if there are relevant workers in the EU market, and it is necessary to have knowledge of Finnish or at least English language. However, there is an option to apply for a residence permit for specialist in case your salary exceed 3000 EUR.
Students of any educational institutions officially registered in Finland, which provide a diploma of qualification at the end of their studies, can also obtain a residence permit.
Upon completion of their studies, students have the right to apply for a residence permit to look for work for up to two years.

In addition, graduates of Finnish educational institutions are not required to work only in a certain field, unlike those sold through employment.
You can get a residence permit on the basis of family ties in the following cases. The family members of Finnish residents are: spouses, registered partners, cohabiting partners, children and guardians of a child under 18 years of age. In case you immigrate on one of the basis above you can apply for residence permit for your family member.

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Why immigrate to Finland

As of 2019, there are 423 494 foreigners living in Finland. Because of the large international community you receive constant support from Finns and other nationalities as you navigate your way through life. Compared to other European countries in Finland people speak English fluently everywhere.

Foreigners are welcomed

For example, if your wife does not work in Finland she needs to study Finnish language and get 600 EUR per month. Moreover, you get extra 10 EUR per day if you have 3 children.

Finnish so­cial se­cur­ity

Finland is well-known for its education system. Kindergartens and schools in Finland are obligatory and free of charge. Besides Finnish higher education consider as one of the best in Europe. There are many free Finnish and English programs.

Finnish education

Finland is the only one country European country where you can become a citizen after 4 years or get permanent residency after 5. Moreover, Finland is always welcoming those who want to start a business which helps to develop the country's economy.

Loyal immigrant policy

Finland has comprehensive social security, a wide range of public services, healthcare, family benefits, pension and unemployment benefits, are available from birth to old age in different life situations.

Nordic welfare standards

Immigration process

Personal consultation

First step is to apply for a personal consultation with our advisor. During consultation we can examine you immigration case and suggest the best way for obtaining Residence Permit in Finland. Consultation is charged 150 EUR and deducted once you sign a service contract with us.
Step 1

Apply for residence permit

After the consultation, the process of collecting the necessary documents for immigration begins, depending on the type of residence permit. Once all the documents are collected, we make a reservation at the immigration office, where you will need to come to identify yourself.
Step 2

Move to Finland

Once your application has been submitted, we answer additional questions from the Immigration Service and accompany your application until you receive your Finnish residence card.
Step 3

What do you get after consultation?

Detailed information about business immigration opportunities in Finland.
Analysis of immigration possibilities based on work experience, education, income, entrepreneurial background.
Development of personal immigration strategy for individuals and families.
Description of our services, costs, government fees and expected processing time.
Answering all questions regarding business immigration and other immigration options.
Additional information about Finnish economy and social system environment, education and other useful immigration matters related.
Once you've completed the Consultation services fee payment of 150.00 EUR, you'll be able to either book an online appointment with our expert via Skype, Zoom or any other app that suits you most or you can come to our office to meet us in person.
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