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We help outstanding IT specialists and programmers move to Finland by hiring them into Finnish company and get a residence permit for them and their families.

Immigration services in Finland for IT professionals

This immigration is meant to be for professionals from the IT-sector, such as designers, software developers, SEO specialists and digital marketers to obtain a residence permit in Finland.

Who is this for

Working with a regular client or through freelance platforms.

Software developers

Working with individual clients, through freelance exchanges.


Engaged in network promotion, marketing, SEO and SEM and other related services.

IT Professionals

Main requirements

Income 3000 euros

Must have a regular income of 3000 euros per month, requires a bank account statement.

Work remotely

You need to live in Finland for at least 6 months a year, for this you need to work remotely.


It is necessary to have a regular customer, preferably from the U.S. or the European Union.

Process overview

Signing the contract

We officially employ you as a specialist in a Finnish company for one year. Your clients continue to work with you only through our company in which you are officially employed. Your clients' income is legalized through taxes and pension deductions, that are about 30% of your salary. At the end of the day, you get your net salary straight into your bank account.


Then we help you and your family with the application for a residence permit in Finland. After collecting all the necessary documents, we book time at the migration office, where you need to come to identify your identity. The time of consideration of residence permit for specialists on average takes 1-2 months.

Residence permit application


Moving to Finland

After you receive your residence permit card, you and your family move to Finland. We can help you with your adaptation in Finland, which includes opening bank accounts, obtaining necessary subsidies and allowances, as well as registering with the magistrate, tax office and Kela.


What you get

Receive transfers from customers directly to a foreign currency account in a Finnish bank (EUR, USD) or PayPal. Use web and mobile banking.

Bank account

As a Finnish residence permit holder, you have full access to public health care, free education, as well as receiving various benefits from Kela.

Social benefits

Preparation of contracts and the process of your legalization in Finland are handled by our specialists.

Personal assistance

By working through our company and paying all taxes regularly, you get the opportunity to get a residence permit in Finland for yourself and your family, and then get citizenship after 4 years.

Residence Permit

Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions about starting a business in Finland.

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