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Business immigration in Finland

Self-employment program allows you to get a Finnish residence permit by buying or starting your own business in Finland.
Individuals with sufficient funds and experience can apply for this program. For example: Businesses owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs and sole traders.


IT specialists are very much in demand in Finland, especially if the customers are customers from Europe or Western countries.

IT specialists

If you are not a businessman, but you have a passive income, we can help you find the best business that does not require entrepreneurial experience.


Who can apply

An applicant for business immigration to Finland must have a sufficient level of income to buy a ready-made business or start his own company.

Main requirements for applicant are managing a company and staying at least 6 months a year in Finland.

Types of business immigration

You can apply for a residence permit as a self-employed entrepreneur by setting up your own company in Finland.
Your company has to generate enough income to pay your wage and taxes, operational costs of the company. Furthermore, you should have a EU resident in board of directors.
You can apply for Residence permit application for an entrepreneur by purchasing ready-made business. This is the best option of business immigration because you can buy a company that has been operated for while and get all company's assets including customers, employees and contracts.

Business immigration process

Get a Permanent Residency or Citizenship

After you live in Finland for 4 years you can apply for permanent residence permit or Finnish citizenship in case all requirements are met.

Renew your residence permit

The first residence permit is always granted for one year, after which you must apply for an extension. In order to renew your residence permit, you must meet the following requirements.

Get your residence permit

After you buy or register a business, you will need to collect all the documents and apply for a Finnish residence permit.

Start or buy business

If you buy a ready-made company, a sale and purchase agreement and updating the owner's information in the registry will suffice. If you open a company from scratch, the process will be slightly different.
Fill out a simple contact form and one of our managers will answer you as soon as possible.
Check your eligibility

Requirements for the applicant

Requirements for the company

You should have at least some previous entrepreneurial background.
Your monthly salary should be at least 1,236 euros per one person.
In order to extend your residence permit in Finland, you need to stay in the country for at least 200 days.
You must have a complete package of necessary documents for business immigration.
The business must be active and generate income to pay wages and taxes.
Your company has been registered in the Finnish Trade Register and Tax office.
Your company should have a European resident in the board of directors.
You should have preliminary contracts with partners or customers in Finland.
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