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Digital nomad visa in Finland

Move to Finland through Employer of Record company. Fastest way to get a Finnish residence permit for IT specialist.
Then we help you and your family with the application for a residence permit in Finland. After collecting all the necessary documents, we book time at the migration office, where you need to come to identify your identity. The time of consideration of residence permit for specialists on average takes 1-2 months.
We facilitate your integration as a specialist with a Finnish company, ensuring all details are managed so that you are officially part of the company within the year, with options to extend. Throughout your stay in Finland, you'll receive full support for essential needs such as opening bank accounts, accessing subsidies, and registering with local authorities and KELA. Our team is committed to assisting your successful adaptation in your new country and simplifying the entire process. For further information about our services and the Finnish residence permit acquisition, please contact us.
If you're an IT freelancer with steady clients, you can secure a residence permit in Finland through our IT incubator. This immigration program offers a 2-year opportunity for IT professionals—designers, programmers, SEO experts, and digital marketing specialists—to obtain Finnish residency and relocate with their families.

What is a digital nomad in Finland

You already work for a foreign company and you are a specialist in the IT field: designer, programmer, master of SEO and digital marketing.

How does it work

Sick leaves and holidays as per Labor Law in Finland

Full time job 40h /week

Minimum contract period of 1 year

Finconsult pays all required employer duties in Finland, taxes, salaries, etc

IT specialist hired in Finconsult as permanent employee doing consultancy work for company outside Finland

Company outside Finland pays B2B invoices monthly to Finconsult for Consultant services

Requirements for the applicant

Gross salary must be at least 3473 EUR per month in 2023

Higher education degree or experience in IT field (proved)
Availability of a regular client with whom Finconsult will conclude a B2B agreement
Marriage certificate, child certificate have to be in English with apostille
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