Relocation services
in Finland

We completely understand how important it is to make work life better, especially when it comes to relocation and adaption of a foreigner in Finland. We have been helping the businesses and private individuals for a decade now in immigration assistance.
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Service description

Finconsult's expert examine your case and suggest the best strategy for obtaining a Residence Permit based on your professional backgrounds, work experience and other conditions.

Home Finding

Finconsult will help you officially register your company in Finland

Immigration assistance

Our business acquisition managers will help you to search and purchase ready-made companies in Finland. Assist in the business acquisition process.

Temporary housing

Your personal manager will arrange all required documents based on the business plan and supervise the application of the documents to get the Residence Permits.

Adaptation in Finland

We are going to follow and assist until you and your family get the Residence Permits.

Waiting for the decision

When your Residence Permit is granted, we can assist you in the home search, municipality registration, applying for social benefits, tax registration processes, opening a bank account, and finding daycare services for your family.

Moving to Finland