Buy a company in Finland

Discover why Business immigration to Finland is the fastest and safest way to become citizen of Europe

Company purchase procedure

Personal consultation
We clarify the re-registration procedure for your purposes.
Free choice of the form of a legal entity and a company name.
Documents preparation
We prepare the documents for re-registration. Package of documents is issued based on your data.
EU resident searching
We find EU resident to join the board. This condition is determined by the law (not necessarily co-owner/shareholder). You can choose your partner or a resident representative controlled and chosen by us.
Registries record
We send your package of documents to the commercial register. We pay for the state fees, re-registration and inclusion to the necessary registers.
Collecting certificate
You obtain the certificate of successful re-registration. And you can thank us for successful and timely result

Ready-made company in Finland

In accordance with the global policy, Finnish banks are tightening their control over the movement of illicit funds, and special attention is paid to corporate and personal accounts of foreigners. We have several legal instruments and off-radar basis that allow foreigners to legally open accounts. One of the most effective solutions is exactly to buy a company in Finland.

Main advantages of buying a company in Finland are:
company has a special license (no tax problems);
one day for re-registration;
remote re-registration without coming to the country;
assistance in the opening of a Finnish bank account;
clear company history (no previously conducted operations — guaranteed);
companies ready for immediate transactions are available;
easy to change of the company name.

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Our experts

Tanja Pelkonen
Tanja is an expert in the field of legislation on joint stock companies, the Finnish tax legislation (including the EU), migration laws, social security (protection) laws. Member of the Finnish Transport and Logistics (SKAL).
Anna Salo
Chief technical expert
Anna is the chief technical expert in company. Expert in the field of joint-stock company legislation, Finnish immigration legislation, social insurance legislation.
Igor Titov
Expert for investment projects
Igor is a professional in the field of investments in commercial and residential property in Finland. He has significant experience in analytics, strategic planning and business communications in Finland.

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