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Startup in Finland

Finnish Startup Permit allows foreigners establish startups in Finland. The program is intended for founders of promising startups from non-EU countries. A positive opinion from Business Finland is required in order to receive a residence permit. The residence permit is granted for two years and can be renewed.

Main requirements

Startup team

You should have a startup team consisting of at least two founders with diverse backgrounds qualifications.

Innovative idea

You intend to establish a company in Finland, based on a promising business plan with an innovative idea.

Applicants participation

Significant participation of applicants in the capital of the company e.g. of the company of the team applying for a residency is at least 60%.

Sufficient funding

It is important to have sufficient resources and funding in the early stages of business development and financial resources to support the company.

Procedure of registration

Once you receive a positive opinion from Business Finland, you can apply for a residence permit in Finland. The application can be submitted to the Finnish Immigration Service along with a valid certificate from Business Finland, which is valid for four months.

Finnish Immigration application

Business Finland conclusion

To apply for a residence permit in Finland, you must first get an opinion from Business Finland. This helps prove your business idea's viability and potential success in the Finnish market. There's no deadline, but it's recommended to apply early to make changes and meet requirements. This evaluation will refine your plan and increase your chances of success.

Setting up a company in Finland

Establishing a company in Finland comes with benefits from its innovative business ecosystem. You can apply for Finnish startup funding through Tempo, sponsored by Agency Business Finland. To qualify for funding, your business plan and team should remain similar to your residence permit application. You'll need a 30,000 Euro investment from third parties or entrepreneurs to be eligible.
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