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In order to move to Finland legally through employment, there are several aspects to consider. Some professions involve special documents and procedures, there are also special requirements for workers depending on their country of residence, and in some cases a work visa must be requested by a Finnish employer.

The employment-based immigration procedure is not difficult, but the requirements are quite strict, and all the steps must be completed in exact order. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend seeking help from an immigration specialist at our company.

Work in Finland

A residence permit for an employed individual is linked to labor market testing, which implies that the employer must determine if there is accessible labor force in Finland or the EU/EEA for the job in issue within a reasonable period.

There are different work residence permits available in Finland depending on the type of your work, duration of contract, your monthly salary and your qualifications.

Types of permits

You can apply for a Finnish residence permit on employment basis if you have signed a contract with a company in Finland. Your minimal salary should be around 1300 EUR after taxes. Moreover, your employer must complete saatavuusharkinta procedure if your job is not included in the exceptions.

Residence permit for employed person

You can apply for a Finnish residence permit for a specialist if your monthly exceed 3000 EUR and you have a proof of qualifications, such as a degree certificate and documents from previous employments. Your don't need to complete saatavuusharkinta procedure if you are a specialist. Furthermore, you can also apply for an EU Blue Card with this application.

Residence permit for specialist

Form TEM054

Diploma of education or certificates that confirm your experience


Employment contract with a Finnish employer

Valid national passport

Documents for applying for a residence permit for work

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Residence permit assistance

Our immigration agents will help you and your family with all the necessary documents in Migri to apply for or extend a residence permit for workers in Finland.

We also help with the processing of documents for public, social, educational, medical and private institutions in Finland.
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